Forecasting and workforce planning cloud solution helps $1B university manage massive growth

Business Challenges

  • System Scalability to Accommodate Massive Growth – Unlocking the online market, a university saw top line growth of 500% over a 5-year period and as a result experienced challenges with outdated and disparate systems
  • Excessive Consolidation Time – The university had a laborious process in consolidating hundreds of Excel spreadsheets into MS Access to get the full picture


  • Matching planning process with ERP application – Leveraged ERP application Financial Data Model to generate a distributed Anaplan platform for high-performance financial planning and forecasting solution
  • Distributed Revenue & Expense Planning, Centralized Workforce Planning– Standardized model distributed to 150+ financial managers for revenue & expense planning, centralized workforce, below-the-line, balance sheet, and cash flow planning
  • Slice and Dice Reporting and Input – Ability to leverage multi-dimensional Anaplan model to create catered views for newly defined finance processes


  • Established Foundation in the Cloud – Anaplan Sales Forecasting solution on the cloud; API integration with Corporate ERP system
  • Massive Reduction in Consolidation Time – Reduction of manual input, Excel formula errors, and time-consuming Access consolidation process
  • Enhanced Reporting - Slicing and dicing of data within application reduces manual effort of formatting and pivoting data from various Excel schedules
  • Faster Budget and Forecast Cycles – Less effort spent on data management created more time for value-added analysis
  • Enterprise ERP System Complete, Now on to EPM – Implementation of new cloud-based ERP application successful, now time for EPM